was started in 2005 as an informational website about Italy aimed at travelers to and expatriates living in Italy, as well as Italophiles all over the world.

Over the years, the website has grown and evolved into 3 different websites:

- Slow Italy: a slow traveler's guide to Italy and the Italian way of life. A website designed to help visitors who want to discover Italy traveling slow and really savoring the places they visit, beyond the obvious and the clichés.
Slow Italy


- Rome Bit by Bite: similar to Slow Italy but focusing on Rome, Vatican City and the Lazio region.
- Italy Bit by Bite: the original legacy site has been revamped into Italy Bit by Bite and contains some the most popular key articles about Italy and Italian food.

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Via San Gregorio Armeno in Naples
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Rick Steves' Italy 2013
with map
by Rick Steves
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Frommer's Italy 2013(Frommer's Complete)
by Donald Strachan,
Eleonora Baldwin
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Frommer's Italy 2013
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